We Bring to you the  MOAB Kit for all your Detailing Needs!!! With a Huge Haul and some of the very best in the detailing world!

So fill your boots with this fantastic all round MOAB Kit 500ml Detailing Kit!

Kit Includes:
 500ml  Sleek – Satin Interior Dressing & Cleaner
 500ml  Revolution – Tyre and Trim Gel
✅  500ml  Reigning Iron – Bleeding Fallout Remover
 500ml  Voodoo 2.0 – Hybrid Detailer
 500ml  Clarity 2.0 – Window and Glass Cleaner
 500ml  Gentleman’s Club- Luxury Car Shampoo
 500ml  Surf – Clay Lubricant
 500ml  Viper – Non Acid Alloy Wheel Cleaner
 500ml  GTR – Glue & Tar Remover
 500ml  Wheel Armour – Alloy Wheel Sealant
✅ 500ml  Citrus – Pre Wash
 500ml  Arctic Meltdown – Ph Neutral Snow Foam
 500ml  Ghost – Hybrid Sealant
 500ml  InstaGloss – Spray Wax Additive
 500ml  Gloss Boss – Quick Detailing Spray
 500ml  Fusion – Ultra Hydrophobic Spray Sealant

 EZ Car Care – SI02 Ceramic Wax Extreme 50ml
 100g Clay Bar
 500ml Gentleman’s Club Air Freshener
 500ml Jaffa Air Freshener
 EZ Car Care – Detailing Brush Set
 EZ Car Care – Tyre Applicator
 EZ Car Care 4″Black Wax Applicator
 Fish Scale Window and Glass Cloth
 2x The Works Microfibre Cloth 380gsm
 2x Lush Microfibre Buffing Cloth 600gsm

✅ H2 Zero – 1400gsm Twisted Loop Drying Towel

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