EZ Car Care – Ceramic Wax Extreme 200ml (Including Applicator) #124


Ceramic Wax EXTREME!

A beautiful, butter soft ceramic wax with extreme beading, sheeting and protection. Unlike other ceramic waxes on the market, this is pleasant to use and extremely user friendly. Developed over the last 12 months by the boffins we lock away in our laboratory, this takes ceramic waxes to the absolute extreme.

A Pure ceramic (SiO2) system, which is fully dispersible during formulation and added into the wax. It then naturally forms a hard barrier when exposed to the air. Resulting in a hard, glossy finish.

Add this to our bespoke resin systems, which offer a firm but flexible coating, incorporating a network of molecules which repel water and you have a combined system which forms a true ceramic infused surface coating – offering excellent gloss, water repellence and longevity of protection.

Durability will be at least 6 – 8 months on a well maintained vehicle.

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